Written and Directed by
Nik Sheehan  

Produced by
Maureen Judge  

Produced by
Anita Lee  

Executive Producer for the
National Film Board of Canada
Silva Basmajian  

Based on the book Chapel of Extreme Experience:
A Short History of Flicker
by John Geiger

Director of Photography
Harald Bachmann  

Caroline Christie  
Miume Jan Eramo

Original Music by
Edmund Eagan  

Kenneth Anger Marcus Boon
Udo Breger Catherine Clément
Ira Cohen Brett Despotovich
John Dunbar Sophie Duplaix
Marianne Faithfull John Geiger
John Giorno Rhodri Hayward
Michael Innanen Jean-Jacques Lebel
Leila Hadley Luce Richard Metzger
Bastiaan ter Meulen Madame Odillard
Genesis P-Orridge Katherine Piro
Lee Ranaldo Ira Silverberg
DJ Spooky Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Psychic TV Floria Sigismondi
Terry Wilson Nick Zinner

Associate Producers
Christina Clarke  
Brian Cullman

Additional Cinematography
Naomi Wise  

Tom Hillman  
Jaime Torres

Effects Editing
Richard Vandentillaart  

Online Editor
Pietro Gallo  

Sound Recording
Brett Despotovich  
Jason Milligan  
Hartley Wynberg

Sound Editing &Design
Mark Gingras  
John Laing  
Dale Lennon
Jan Rudy

Rerecording& Design
Daniel Pellerin  

Visual Research
Kristina Howard  

Assistant Editors
Paul Hasick  
Leanne Young  
Ryan Noth

Production Accountant
Sam Simpson  

Production Coordinator
Ashley Lannigan  

Production Assistants
Brett Despotovitch  
Katherine Piro

Creative Consultant
Ben Schaub  

Paris Fixers
Alain Couture  
“Magic” Thierry Chompré

Equipment Rental
Trew Audio

Offline Editing
CeLL Productions  

Online Editing

Animation House
Ghost FX  

Rerecording Facility
Urban Post Production  

Technical Support
Richard Vandentillaart  

Stills Photography
Nik Sheehan  

Graphic Design
Mark Lambert  

Interim Financing
The National Bank of Canada  

For Makin’ Movies
Associate Producer
Leslie Valpy  

Production Assistant
Jacob Engel  
Sabreena Peters

For The National Film Board of Canada
Production Coordinator
Christine Kleckner  
Corinne Herman

Production Supervisor
Mark Wilson  

Website Design
Richard Luong  

Stock Footage Courtesy of
BBC Udo Breger
Genesis P-Orridge Tony Conrad
The Hartley Film Foundation James Grauerholz
Canamedia/ITN Source MacDonald & Associates
“The Master Musicians” courtesy of Mendizza & Associates
National Film Board of Canada
Ponopress The WPA Film Library

Special Thanks
Diane Boehme Tony Conrad
Donna Cowan David Craig
Charlotte Engel Hassan Hakmoun
Sam Hiyate Jay Ingram
Michael Luong Zoe Mainville
Sue Mander Ron Mann
Barry Miles Richard Nash
Thomas Neurath Gehlek Rimpoche
Ned Rorem Kevin Sheehan
Margaret Sheehan Michael Snow
Leslie Stafford Monica Szenteszky
Joshua White Martin Waxman
Cameron House, Toronto
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Discovery TV
Galapagos Artspace, New York
Musee des Arts Moderne Paris
National Screen Institue
NFB Mediatheque, Toronto
Relais Hôtel de Vieux Paris
Victoria and Albert Museum of Science, London
Whitney Museum of American Art


Produced by Makin’ Movies Inc.
In co-production with the National Film Board of Canada


Produced and Developed in Association with
A division of CTV Limited


Produced with the participation of the
created by the Government of Canada
and the Canadian Cable Industry


Developed with the Participation of Telefilm Canada


Produced with the assistance of the
Canadian Film or Video Tax Credit



with the assistance of the Government of Ontario –
The Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit